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Get ready to sashay into the cosmos, honey! Our Spacey Kim Squishy just landed and paired with our Holy Sharts and Spacey Nudes palettes, you'll be serving looks that are out of this world. 

Spacey Kim Squishy - Not just any squishy; she's a journey through the stars in the palm of your hand! Feel the soft, supple texture and smell the sweet scent of strawberries as you squeeze away the day's drama. 

Holy Sharts - Ladies, gentlemen, and fabulous beings of all kinds, this palette is a cosmic playground of color!  Get ready to slay the scene with this explosion of 40 bright, bold, and breathtaking shades that will leave everyone gagging for more. 

Spacey Nudes - Get ready to take orbit into the fabulous world of Spacey Nudes! These ten tantalizing shades will make your eyes shine brighter than a shooting star. With a heavenly mix of neutral matte and shimmery shades, you'll be serving intergalactic looks with ease!

Snatch up this special bundle today and launch your glam game into orbit!