Thailor Collection: Bronzer

Thailor Collection: Blush

Glam Tears

Juicy Nine

Thailor Collection: Get Glow

KimChi_Chic Fan $8 / Teddy Bear Sharpener $4.50

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Puff Puff Pass - Set and Bake with this Vegan formula rice based powder

The Most Concealer - Conceal, Correct, Cover and Contour. Amazing as an eyeshadow primer as well. Formulated with Vitamin E and she is water-resistant.

High Key Gloss - High Shine, Full pigment Lip Gloss and she's VEGAN.

Diamond Sharts - Dazzling Sparkles in the prettiest way. Long lasting and smudge proof

PotDe Creme - Rated best cream shadow. Long lasting, smudge proof, quick drying