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Oh honey, listen up because I have some fabulous news for you! The queens have arrived and they're bringing you a bundle of pure drag perfection! KCCB is serving up some of their favorite collabs with the one and only Plastique, Trixie, and Naomi Smalls, all in one fierce collection! And let me tell you, this is not your average offer, hunty! We're giving you a whopping 20% off, so you better sashay your way over to that shopping cart and snatch it up before it's gone! Don't be caught without this glam-tastic bundle in your claws, darlings!

INCLUDES: KimChi Chic X Trixie LOL Lips-01 GAY-sha, KimChi Chic X Trixie LOL Lips-02 Gingerbread, KimChi Chic X Trixie LOL Lips-03 Pink Sorbet, KimChi Chic X Trixie LOL Lips-04 Eat it, KimChi Chic X Trixie BRB Blush-01 Pink Era, Kim Chi Chic X Trixie MVP Palette-01 Superstar, KimChi Chic X Trixie TTYL Lips-01 Red Fantasy, KimChi Chic X Trixie TTYL Lips-02 Hello Hello, KimChi Chic X Trixie TTYL Lips-03 Pink Fantasy, KimChi Chic X Trixie TTYL Lips 04-Spice Cake, KimChi Chic X Trixie WTH Highlight-01 Double Diamonds. KimChi Chic X Naomi Smalls 2 Queens in the Desert- 01 Mad Maxine Shoot Yourself, KimChi Chic X Naomi Smalls 2 Queens in the Desert-02 Sunkissed in June, KimChi Chic X Naomi Smalls 2 Queens in the Desert- 03 No Sparkle Shaming KimChi Chic X Plastique Nude Sensation-01 Snack for Two, KimChi Chic X Plastique Nude Sensation-02 Life in Plastique, KimChi Chic X Plastique Nude Sensation-03 Bento Babes Lip Kit INGREDEINTS: SEE INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS FOR INGREDIENT LIST.