GLITTER SHARTS - 02 Super Bloom


Steal the spotlight with this glitter explosion. Can be used as a highlight for your cheeks, collarbones or just rub it all over your body. Net Weight: 2.5g (0.08oz)

Kim Chi Says: 
"Oh what, tiny little specks of glitter aren't enough for you? Mmk, here comes a wave of sparkling CHUNKS of glitter all resting in a gooey gel for easy application! Take a dab and spread that sparkle everywhere!"

Application Tips
Scoop out and rub on to cheeks, collarbones or anywhere else you need some extra sparkle. Glitter Sharts are extra chunky so we don't recommend it for your eye area! Have fun with it in your hair, cheeks, and all over your body. 

Ingredients: Polyethylene terephthalate, octyldodecanol, petrolatum, acrylates copolymer, polybutylene terephthalate, ethylene/va copolymer, C20-40 alcohols, propylene carbonate, disteredimonium hectorite, polyurethane-11, polyethylene, phenyl methicone, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl butyral, tocopheryl acetate. BHT, aluminum powder (CI 77000), ferric ferrocyanide (CI 77510)